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Sorry all I've been workin a lot. So I hope everything is going ok! Ummm... don't know much about what to say... I do have one serious update. Erik, our old devotional friend is going to PA to see his brother who is having unexplained seizures... we don't know why, but pray for him.

As for me I'm working full time at Toyota and I hurt every day and I've never felt so lonely in my life. So... if you all could pray for me as well that'd be great thanks. I know this place is dying but I'd kinda like to see people liven it up a bit, so I have a contest.

I'm not very poetic and I'm sure some of you are, but I'd like to hear from you all and see your poetic talent!!! So... post your poems!!! This month it will be poems about anything. So from this date, June 26 to July 24th (when I get back from Florida vacation... *if any of you live in Florida and wanna meet and hang out that'd be awesome!*) then we'll tally votes and then next month we'll do Christian poems just to give you a heads up ;). Also, bonus points if you can somehow relate to the topic of the community! If you don't know what the topic of the community is, go see the lyrics to "Untitled, anonymous" by Everyday Sunday that'll help =).

So pray for me and pray for Erik and his brother they really need it

Your loving moderator,
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