_xjesus_freakx_ (_xjesus_freakx_) wrote in christs_singles,

4 poems i wrote.

~~~the shattered soul

beauty and grace
used to shine upon her face
now her soul is shattered
her spirit torn and tattered
eyes once glimmering with life
became an empty venue
all because of you

a body broken
lies spoken
her laugh was taken
all trust was shaken
her life has gone
replaced by memories, there for long
wounds far deeper than eyes can see
unwanted, her feelings will forever be


thoughts entangle themselves in my mind
my eyes are wide open, but yet I am blind
uncomfortable jading is consuming me
confusion corrupting all I believe
is this how I am destined to always be?

~~~ we were
we were beautiful
we were happy
how did we become such a mess?

artistic, but dangerous
alluring, but alone
strong, but afraid
whatever has happened to us?

Some compassion certainly wouldn’t kill
But any more pity just might
Respect me enough to look away
Leave me here, out of the light

I don’t want your help
But that is the very thing I desperately need
My silent cries rarely heard
Please hear my one last plea
Dreadful, distant, secluded, but true
Listen to my simple request carefully
“pray I somehow make it through”
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