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prayer please....

ok so yea i dunno whats up with my bro. if u dont know what happen my brother had a sezure at workcamp. so they took him to the hospital and did some things to him, i did not hear about it intill tuesday after noon when my football coach told me about it, but i could not go and see him due to the fact that he was in parkersburg and i am in fairmont its like a 4 hour drive. his condition worsen and they emergency flight him to our hospital which is the leading brain hospital in the us.. which is good right.. well they ran some test and everything came back normal. werid huh.. the doctors have no clue what caused him to have a sezure. well they put in him to a reduced coma to help him shut off his body off. few days in it he was coming back like u could ask him to squeez your hand and he would do it.. well yesterday that stoped he would not do anything at all.. the reason was that there was still sleeping stuff in his blood. after a few hours he was back to normal. well today i got a phone call from my mommy and she said they found a blood clot in his brian. and that they think that could have have caused the sezure. so they rushed him into surgery to clear the blood clot.
so i hope this is the last thing he has to go threw.. god has been here every step with us and i know he wont stop. but he does stuff his way so we have to let him do it..

could you guys keep praying for my family esp my bro mike all the prayers that go out to god. helps alot thanks again and i will keep ya updated

your bro in christ

Erik .S
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