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Long time

hey guys i am very sorry that I've been non active for a long time maybe a year. But i have been missing chatting with guys and posting my devos which I am starting write again. I hope you accept me back in the community Christian love Erik..

oh dont think i was not going to leave with out a devo lol here it is


Recognize this phrase?
This famous slogan for Outback Steakhouse could also apply to Christianity. Before you think I am saying that Christianity has no guidelines, hold on. Hear me through on this one. Take in the big picture.
So many today have turned Christianity into a list of rules that define "living right." Tell the truth. Don't steal. Speak kindly. Treat others with love. Don't cuss. The list could go on and on. So isn't that right? Well, I would say yes and no.
Will a follower of the Christ exhibit these traits? Yes. Will someone who exhibits these traits be a follower of the Christ? Not necessarily. I know plenty of people who try to look like Christ-followers. They say the right things. They do the right things. But many of them are miserable on the inside. Why?
Because they are living by the rules, not following the Ruler. They are obeying a religion of guidelines, not a relationship with the Savior. They are trying to earn acceptance by God though works, not finding the acceptance offered by His grace.
Lewis A. Drummond, in Reaching Generation Next, states, "No one can live out the ethics of Jesus without the transcendental experience of knowing Jesus personally in religious experience, because that is where the power to live out Christian morality is found. Moral precepts alone are not enough. They must be lived out in a person's life, and that can be done only through Jesus Christ."
I believe that this is precisely what is destroying our culture and our country. People are trying to live the ethics of Christ without the relationship. They are attempting to enforce His "rules" without introducing people to the One who frees us. Religion is becoming a burden as opposed to a release. We are returning to legalism instead of grace.
For some reason, when religious folks feel like they are "losing control," they want to enforce more rules and put pressure on people to conform. Jesus was never about that. He showed people His love, lived a life of righteousness, and invited others to join Him.
Jesus never converted a prostitute by calling her names. He showed her unconditional love. Jesus never converted a tax collector by rejecting him. He ate dinner with him and showed that he was a person too. Jesus reached people where they were. He was a doctor for the sick.
Let us strive to be servants of the Great Physician in our day. In Christ we have the only cure for this illness called sin. We will never cure people by telling them how horrible they are. But when we fulfill the law of Christ and love our neighbors as ourselves they will be drawn to the One who didn't come to create more rules, but came to bring a righteousness that can only be found in Jesus.

In Christ

Erik S.
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