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christs_singles's Journal

Christ's Singles
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Seems like everyone else has the someone they need
And there's an odd number of people like me
But this can't be because I believe
In something better than love.
-Everyday Sunday "Untitled, Anonymous"

A community where single believers in love with the Lord Jesus Christ can come and chat and meet others like themselves.

Hey nice to see you all, I'm christs_eeyore, better known as Thomas, but I'm your moderator for this community. To join make sure you click the link at the top of the page that says "To join this community click here" I missed that myself lol. I will approve your membership when it comes to my email. Somedays I may be slow please forgive me, I'll try to get them done as quickly as possible. As with many other things, in this community there are the essential rules. Please read them, because I will let you know if you break them:

1) No foul language, no cursing
2) No degrading statements about ANYONE in or out of the community.
3) For any communities you promote ON this community you should promote one FOR this community, though you should promote this one anyway hehe =)
4) Try to keep long posts under cuts.
5) Being a meeting place for single Christians, if I hear of any harassment or stalking going on, the offender will be warned once and then they will be removed from the community. Please email me if there is any case of harassment and I will have it sorted out.
6) Have fun and meet people, and always remember the one who created you!

When joining the community I ask that you would fill out a short survey so people can get to know each other. You may find people with the same interests as yourself. So fill this out and post it.

1. Name: (First, Last, Middle, or a nickname, whatever you wanna be called)
2. Age:
3. Location: (state is all that's necessary if you don't feel comfortable sharing more)
4. What denomination of Christianity are you?
5. At least 5 favorite bands:
6. At least 5 favorite songs:
7. At least 3 favorite movies:
8. Favorite food:
9. Favorite Bible Verse:
10. Favorite thing to do/hobby:
11. AIM/AOL/MSN/Yahoo screenname (please indicate which it is, optional):
12. Post a picture of yourself (if you have one. This isn't mandatory, I don't even have one)

On top of the fun of meeting people, we'll try to hold contests each month, for bragging rights alone, for a certain theme, whatever that month's theme may be. I will post a theme and describe the rules for competing and the community will vote on the best for bragging rights =). So try to have fun with it!!!

In case you need to contact me my AIM screenname is Christseeyore and my email is christseeyore@gmail.com.