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Mod... sorta

Hello all. I know, shame on me for never actually participating in my own (well, kinda) community. I do however, do have an excuse. I have been a counselor at bible camp pretty much all summer! I got almost 2 weeks off this summer, oofta. Okay, so I'll stop making up lame-o excuses and write something of importance.

I hope everyone has had a neato summer. I know I have; working with kids all summer is uber fun... and also tiring! It's extremely hard to share your faith when you feel like you have nothing left. This last week of being a counselor has really taught me that even though it's your LAST week of camp, it's the camper's FIRST week, and they are totally excited to be there. So yeah... that's about all.

So... Is anyone alive to still participate? Becauce now that I am actually around, lets make this community active! I'm not quite sure what happend to Thomas, since I haven't been able to talk to him since May/June? Well, thanks much for reading!

Love ya's, whitney
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